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The Bloodclan Orcs Wiki

Bloodclan was founded in November 2003 with a small band of ex clan leaders from various different Ultima Online shards. They lived in a small cave until one day the chief and his Elders decided to take control of the AI (artificial intelligence) orcish monster fort to spice things up for other online players.

Not too long after that, Bloodclan began to grow and expand their horde to other online games and expand their territory on Ultima Online as well. We roleplay as a blood thirsty horde and bring a fun play style to online games. We are a full enforced RP guild, featuring communication through it's own orc language, hierarchy structured organization, funny and very effective trapping and PvP techniques.

Hoowah Bloodclan!

SU LAT WUN ENLIZD UN BLOODCLAN? (So you want to join?)

  1. Read the Rules.
  2. Learn the basics of our Language.
  3. Apply for Membership.
  4. Creating your character is an important step, make sure you do it correctly.


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